Bank Heist


3 - 7 people  1 hour 

A difficult, intense challenge set out as a ill-planned nightly heist in an old bank.


You and your team of fellow thieves have made it into the lobby of the bank. Since you arrived in the middle of the night, all the lights are out and all doors are locked. And, of course, the alarm has been armed. You don't have much of a plan, but to try and get into the vault and steal the valuable diamond before the nightly security guard walks his patrol.

The Bank Heist is perfectly suited for people new to this type of games. It starts off fairly easy but the difficulty increases as you make your way through the bank.

Meer info: The Bank Heist - Best Escape Purmerend
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Geldig van:16 maart 2023
Geldig tot:31 december 2024


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