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Contribution €32,50 per year



Golf is a fantastic sport: relaxing, sometimes demanding but also inspiring. It can be played individually or in a club setting with family, friends and/or colleagues.

Our golf club is affiliated to the Dutch Golf Federation (NGF) and has C status. We organise various events for our members. Communications and registrations are done digitally via eGolf4U.

All employees, retirees and their family members can join the Golf Club within the terms and conditions of O&o. The membership fee for the golf club is €32.50 per year, in addition to the mandatory O&o membership.

What we offer:
* NGF registration
* Information about golf
* Development from beginner to advanced (NGF step-by-step plan)
* Golf lessons, practical exams, rules sessions
* Competitions on various golf courses in the Netherlands (or just across the border): the competition calendar is also published on the O&o website at the start of the season.
* Reports of competitions played, results and league rankings (via eGolf4U)

If you enjoy playing a round together and talking about that great drive (or shank) over drinks, join this active and friendly club !

For more information, contact one of the board members.
Chair: Gert-Jan Sipma ampis.j.g.[antispam] 06-21113736
Secretary: Vera Baltus sutlab.v.[antispam] 06-31028608
Treasurer: Gert Jan Sipma ampis.j.g.[antispam] 06-21113736

Rule and Handicap Committee + members administration
Guus Grijpink knipjirg.g.[antispam] 06-52496635
Tammo Beishuizen neziuhsieb.j.t.[antispam]

Handicap and rules Guus Grijpink
Match management Gert Jan Sipma (supported by Rob van Dijk)
IT Tammo Beishuizen

Telephone number

020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays