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Contribution €15,00 per year


Running Team

If you run or want to take up running, come and join the DNB RunningTeam!


Running with the DNB RunningTeam
Running is the most widely practised sport in the world. Some 40% of the Dutch practise running, which amounts to some 7 million people! At DNB too, its popularity is ever-increasing and more and more DNB staff practise running. Many DNB staff enjoy running together or want to work towards a higher running goal such as running a half or full marathon. Some of us could use a bit of encouragement to keep running during the hot summer holidays or the cold and dark winter months. That is why we started the DNB RunningTeam. The RunningTeam is for both new runners who have little or no experience and advanced runners.


How can you join the DNB RunningTeam?
Click the Join now button on this page and select the RunningTeam. The membership fee is only €15 a year! (external members pay €30 a year). Please let us know that you have signed up as a member, so we can put you on our mailing list. Just send an email to maeTgninnuR_BND-P.[antispam]


What does the DNB RunningTeam do?
We organise the following activities:

  • Joint participation in running events
  • Running clinics led by a coach, for all levels
  • International running meetings with fellow central banks (in the Netherlands and abroad)
  • Lectures on running and running-related topics.


Activity calendar
In recent years, the DNB RunningTeam has participated in the events listed below. Each year we decide in which events we will participate:

  • Twiskemolenloop
  • Florijn Winter Run, January
  • Groet uit Schoorl, February
  • City Pier City, March
  • Zandvoort circuit run, March
  • Leiden Marathon, May
  • Eurocross, May/June somewhere in Europe
  • Grachtenloop Haarlem, June
  • Midzomernachtcross, June
  • Dam tot Damloop, September
  • Amsterdam (Half) Marathon, October
  • Zevenheuvelenloop Nijmegen, November


Please contact the board for more information, questions and suggestions for activities


  • Cindy Biesenbeek (board member)
  • Claudia Bakker (Treasurer)
  • Evelien Rouwen (board member)
  • Michael Steenbakker (board member)
  • Chair: Paul Pascha (Chair)

Telephone number

020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays