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Contribution €12,50 per year


DNB Badminton Club

Until the move back to our premises at Frederiksplein – which includes a beautiful refurbished gym – our club will remain inactive, meaning we do not take on new (paid) members or organise training sessions. Our programme will restart in early 2025. Keep an eye on this website for news and updates.

We are looking for colleagues who would like to join the board of our club and contribute to the restart in 2025. Are you interested and/or want to know more? Then contact Susanna Koning.

Do you play competitively in a club or have you played in the past? Do you enjoy hitting the shuttlecock in your spare time to relax or want to train seriously to improve your badminton skills? Everyone is welcome in our badminton club!

We plan to facilitate two one-hour training sessions every week (date and time not yet known). Depending on the level and needs of our members, we will organise one hour for experienced players and one hour for beginners and players who just want to take it easy. We are always keen to engage with our members and are open to new ideas and other input.

In addition to the training sessions, we plan to organise two internal tournaments per year, in spring and autumn. Last but not least, there is the opportunity to take part in the Eurobadminton tournament, in which several euro countries participate and compete against each other (and, of course, have a great time most of all). Participation in this international tournament involves a separate fee and depends entirely on the enthusiasm among our members and the intensity of training. It's a cool way to make new, international connections through our shared passion for badminton.

Want to join us?
Membership is only €?? per year and there is a separate contribution of €??? per tournament.

Please contact one of the board members if you have any questions.

The Board
Susanna Koning - Chair

Telephone number

020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays