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Table tennis

Table tennis club
Did you use to play table tennis in the past, would you like to play a match from time to time, or are you looking for an informal and accessible sport, then sign up for our table tennis club!

Annual Activities
As a member of the table tennis club you can participate in the following activities:

- Annual Caveo NK corporate table tennis tournament
- Internal competition in cooperation with JongDNB
- International tournament with other central banks
- Closing tournament at PingPong in Amsterdam-West

US table tennis association
We have teamed up with table tennis association US. For a small fee, you can play at Amstel Campus Hall (Monday nights) or Universum at Science Park (Thursday nights).
If you are interested in meeting up with other table tennis members, just send an email to one of the board members. We will add you to our table tennis chat group, where we will periodically post calls to meet up at US.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the board members:
Daniël Choi iohc.h.c.[antispam].@dnb.nl
Kai van Dijk kjid.nav.k.[antispam].@dnb.nl

Telephone number

020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays