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Contribution competition €35,00 per year
Contribution external member €50,00 per year



Have you played in the past and want to take up chess again? Or do you only know the rules of this fascinating game and want to learn to play it better? Do you want to play the occasional game but don't have enough time for regular club commitments?

Chess Association De Wachter
You're welcome to join our chess association, De Wachter (the Rook ). We are proud to be one of the oldest corporate chess associations in the Netherlands. At De Wachter, you can play a serious game of chess in a friendly atmosphere, regardless of your playing strength and whenever you want. We organise a number of events every year. We have an internal competition, we organise chess tournaments (with drinks), participate in the Amsterdam regional competition (SGA) and regularly send members newsletters and chess puzzles. In addition, De Wachter participates on DNB’s behalf in the annual Eurochess tournament, in which European central banks compete against each other. In September 2023, we hosted this event.

Where and when
We usually play in the company restaurant at Toorop. We play on Monday evenings. Internal competitions and other internal events start at 18:15.

Chair: Taras Bogouslavskii iiksvalsuogob.t.[antispam]
Secretary/treasurer: Jurriaan Eggelte etlegge.a.j.j.[antispam]

Other positions
De Wachter I team leader: David Schelhaas saahlehcs.d.d.[antispam]
league leader: Roland Visser dnalorvv.[antispam]

Members and membership
The club currently has around 30 members. As a member, you also participate in external competitions.

Match programme
The competition programme typically consists of:
- Internal competition
- SGA club competition (1.5-hours games)
- internal rapid and speed chess tournaments (September, December and May)
- the annual Eurochess chess tournament

Telephone number

020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays