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Contribution €15,00 per year


DNB's Water sports club is for everyone who loves wind and water.

Every year, we organise a number of activities on and around the water in which convivial competition is key. Everyone can join the club: racing sailors, sea sailors, recreational sailors or colleagues who want to discover whether they enjoy sailing.

Some of our club members are avid racing sailors. Thanks to our experienced members, we not only win honorary prizes in international competitions but we can also learn a lot from them and improve our skills. We sail on inland waters as well as at sea.

What we do
The Water sports club organises a number of fun activities on and around the water every year. Sailing is our core activity, but we also organise other activities such as mudflat hiking, sloop tours of the canals or lectures on water sports.

We organise an annual sailing competition in the Netherlands. The sailing associations of the European national central banks take turns to organise the Eurosail race and compete with colleagues from a wide range of countries. These are always fun events, where we get the opportunity to sail on other waters as well as on other boats.

Join us
The success of any club or association depends on the commitment of its members. We are always looking for members who can help organise an activity. Would you like to organise a fun water sports activity, or do you have a brilliant idea? Then feel free to contact one of the board members.

If you are interested in the activities of the Water sports club or would like to join us, you can also contact the board. Peter Beck (Chair)
Evert Metz (Treasurer)
Cees Ullersma (board member)
Florian van Dort (board member)

You can sign up for the activities by sending an email to trod.nav.e.a.f.[antispam].@dnb.nl. Please sign up at least a week in advance and preferably earlier, so we can take the number of people into account when booking boats. We ask an additional contribution for all activities. See you on the water soon!

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020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays