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Want to unwind after a busy week and get creative? Then join the Arts & Crafts club!

We organise creative and recreational activities for DNB employees and retirees of all ages. Come and share your ideas with us in an accessible and cosy environment. Join our monthly bring-your-own project meetings (e.g. crocheting, knitting), or sign up for one of the workshops. Examples of workshops include: Crochet your own pouf, Pottery, Create your own coffee cup, Painting with wine, Making chocolates, Making your own laptop bag etc. You can also ask us to organise a fun course for your team. Who knows, maybe you will all soon be painting like Vermeer... Click the Join now button on this page and join our close-knit network!

Bo Beeker: Joined DNB as a trainee in the Resolution Division in September 2022. After a busy working day, I like to knit while watching reality shows or a good film.

Vice chair
Jorren van Teijlingen: DNB trainee since 2021 and currently working at EUBA. I am passionate about calligraphy and traditional handwriting from Qing China, and I was excited to find other enthusiasts in DNB’s Arts & Crafts club.

Anneke Beuckens: Joined DNB as an Operational Risk Officer in the Resolution Department in November 2022. I love to paint and draw, and I recently worked on a 40,320-piece puzzle at the local mind sports centre.

Ibrahim Amri: DNB trainee since 1 September 2022. I am currently working in the Pension Supervision division Whenever I have time, I am drawing and crafting, preferably with my nieces.


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