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Contribution €15,00 per year


Samen fit (Get fit together)


Samen fit strip cards

We only offer Pilates classes for now, because space is limited at Toorop. Our Pilates instructor is Karen Clark. Anyone can join: classes are suitable all levels of ability, and no specific experience is required. Exercising together in a group provides extra motivation to be and stay fit. The membership contribution for Samen fit is €15 per year. In addition, you pay a contribution per lesson with the Samen fit strip card.

A 10-strip card costs €70
A 20-strip card costs €135

Mondays, 11:00-12:00
Thursdays, 11:00-12:00

Location: the gym at Toorop.

Pilates is an effective workout to strengthen and balance your body. You mainly train your core: the muscles around your lower back, abdomen, pelvis and glutes. Most exercises are done on a mat. These are available at Toorop, but you can also bring your own. Sports shoes are not required.

Karen: " Pilates, yoga, stretch classes. Well-being for body and mind. Join us to improve your core strength, posture alignment and flexibility. Classes will be taught in English. All ages and levels of ability are welcome".

Find out more about Pilates and the teacher at

Free trial lesson: you are always welcome to join a trial lesson to see if Pilates is something for you. If you decide to continue after the trial lesson, you can join Samen fit and order a strip card.

Samen fit Board

Els de Vogel (chair)
Maud van Knippenberg (secretary)

Telephone number

020 524 27 93



09:00 - 14.00 uur

Closed on Wednesdays